Life is unpredictable
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Friday, May 10, 2013 | 0 comments
it was raining heavily outside. silently, i was focusing onto my beloved one(this lappy). keep typing a long sentence, deleting, typing back and the same thing repeated over and over again.. i had officialy considered this keyboard as my companiors. cant i just separate it from the screen and bring it
anywhere ?

yesterday night, i dreamt about you. all of sudden you came out of nowhere and appeared  in front of me. immediately, i ran towards you and tears were falling from my eyes. as hard as you can, you tried to console me. i was glad to see you. there were a lot of things keep playing in my mind. i need to talk to you. i need to let out everything. i need your shoulder to cry. i need you by my side. i need to hear your voice. i miss our moment together. err i just need everything.. unfortunately it was just a dream *puff* back to reality. hmm. i hardly want you to be here! now, on this second

last text : two months ago
last card : three months ago
last called : i dont remember
last met : four months ago

if only i could have the super power, i would like to bring you here and put you next to me always. somehow studies gonna be the main point by this time. for the sake of our future, i just let you go.. dear, may Allah bless you and remain in a good condition there. can't wait for you to come back at the end of this month. im waiting.. do not ever delete me from your heart please :')

 really missed it when you called me 'my sweet lullaby'

- warm regards from me -

*koya speaking sebab baru lepas exam. cuma bezanya, essay tadi tak sempat siap pun. hehh

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